HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol

HAMS Support Groups

HAMS offers the following types of support groups for people who wish to change their drinking for the better:

It does not matter how much you drink or how little, HAMS support groups are open to anyone who wishes to change their drinking for the better.

HAMS groups support goals of

  • Safer Drinking
  • Reduced Drinking
  • Quitting

HAMS meets people "where they are at" with their drinking.

Each HAMS member chooses the goal which is right for him or herself. HAMS always respects the dignity of the individual--no one will ever force you to change in ways which you do not choose for yourself in a HAMS group.

HAMS members often find that it is more helpful to offer examples of personal experience than to attempt to give advice.

The only requirement for participation in HAMS groups is that you always respect the dignity of your fellow human beings in the group.

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