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Do you love the support of HAMS, but feel that you need treatment?

Have you looked for options, but can't find anything that isn't 12-Step?

Do you want care, but can't go away for a month?

We can help.

NorthStar Care provides harm reduction-based treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Like HAMS, we support all goals. Whether you want to be alcohol free, practice successful moderation, or engage in safer drinking, we can help.

NorthStar Care's unique model provides a year of care that happens entirely in your own home, at your convenience. There is no inpatient stay and transportation is not required. All appointments take place via telehealth. This medical program treats the physical aspects of Alcohol Use Disorder that most treatment programs ignore. Examples include nutrient therapy to restore your body and brain to health and medications to control cravings and deal with anxiety and depression. Our medication and nutrient program help you feel better in two weeks. We work with each patient to create a truly personalized treatment plan.

Our support group meetings take place in Virtual Reality, in our secure app, where you pick your own avatar, your name, and can even mask your voice. Unlike anywhere else, our groups are truly anonymous! At NorthStar Care, you receive non-judgmental, harm-reduction focused support from Peer Guides who all have lived experience with Alcohol Use Disorder.

We do not use words like "alcoholic" or "addict," and we do not believe in rehashing the past or confessing "sins." Our treatment is based on science and compassion, not religion.

NorthStar Care is changing Alcohol Use Disorder treatment - for good. Find out if NorthStar Care is the right choice for you at www.northstarcare.com.

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