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The Eleven Elements of the HAMS Process

This is an earlier formulation of the HAMS process. The current formulation can be found on the page The Seventeen Elements of the HAMS Process

This is the HAMS process of changing your drinking for the better. The goal is a happier life for you. Not everyone starts at element one. Some people start at element 5 or 6 or elsewhere. That is why these are not steps strictly speaking and why we call them elements instead.

1) Do a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of your drinking.

2) Choose a goal--harm reduction, alcohol abstinence, or moderate drinking.

3) Make a plan.

4) Choose your tools and strategies.

5) Address outside issues that affect drinking.

6) Track your progress.

7) Evaluate your progress

8) Practice damage control as needed.

9) Revise and revamp plans, goals, and strategies as needed

10) Stick around HAMS for continued support or to help others or graduate.

11) Come back for a tune up if needed.

For more information about the HAMS process please visit our pages How HAMS Works and Getting Started With HAMS. An earlier version of the HAMS program can be found on the page The Fourteen Elements of HAMS.

Also please bear in mind that different people have different time frames for how quickly they change. Although a few people can make a final drinking plan and implement it all at once and never look back--the majority of us will change more gradually and perhaps with some slips and regressions on the way. So remember to be gentle and go easy on yourself--this may take some time. For more information about the HAMS timeframe please visit our web page How Long Does It Take To Change A Habit?

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