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What Is Campral?

Campral is a drug which is used to reduce cravings for alcohol. The generic name for Campral is acamprosate. Campral has been demonstrated effective in helping people who are highly motivated to abstain from alcohol. The exact mechanism by which campral works is unknown but it is hypothesized that Campral affects the glutamate receptor.

20 studies of Campral which were conducted in Europe all showed Campral to be significantly more effective than a placebo in helping subjects to abstain from alcohol. However, the two large scale studies of Campral which were conducted in the United States did not show Campral to be significantly more effective than placebo. Apparently the discrepancy between the European and the American studies is due to subject selection--the subjects in the European trials were highly motivated to abstain whereas the subjects in the American trials were not.

A post hoc reanalysis of data from one of the American studies showed that when the subjects of the study were divided into a motivated group vs. an unmotivated group, then the subjects in the motivated group who received Campral did significantly better than the motivated subjects who received placebo.

It is unknown if Campral is helpful to subjects with a moderate drinking goal.

Side effects of Campral can include cognitive impairment, drowsiness, mood changes, diarrhea, and nausea. In clinical trials 8% of subjects receiving campral discontinued because of an adverse reaction as compared to 6% of those receiving placebo.

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