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HAMS forum The HAMS Forum is our newest online support group. Join this forum and be one of the first to help us pioneer this new medium for online support.

HAMS facebook group The HAMS Facebook Group is a place where you can share your struggles and successes with other HAMSters. This is a private group to protect your confidentiality. Post your message and someone will soon answer.

HAMS chatroom The HAMS Chat Room is a great place to interact in real time with people who are doing better with their drinking habits. You don't need to register to enter, just type in a user name and enter with no password. This is a text based chat, not a voice or video chat. Join us nightly at 9 PM Eastern Time.

HAMS yahoo email group Use The HAMS Email Support Group to interact with others who will support you in changing your drinking habits for the better. Post to the group anytime 24 hours a day and someone in the group will reply to your email. You can also choose not to receive email and just read and send messages in the private archive.

Live HAMS meetings HAMS Live Meetings allow you to interact face to face with people who have improved their relationship with alcohol. Learn from others who have successfully achieved safer drinking, reduced drinking, or abstinence from alcohol.

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