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Alcohol Harm Reduction Links

Alcoholism Help

Alcohol Harm Reduction Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Others

The Alcohol Harm Reduction Blog

Alcohol Moderation Related Links

Stanton Peele's online Life Process Program

Drink Link Moderation - Donna Cornett

AIM Digest - Alcohol In Moderation

My Way Out


Moderation Management

Alcohol Abstinence Related Links

SMART Recovery

Women For Sobriety

SOS Sobriety


Rational Recovery

Saint Jude's Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Harm Reduction Therapy Links

Practical Recovery

Harm Reduction Therapy Center

The Center for Motivation and Change

Dr. Andrew Tatarsky

Alternatives Addiction Treatment

Dr. Mark Sehl, New York Psychotherapy

The Alcoholism Counseling Service

Kirsten Beuthin, MS, LMFT

Kris Oseth, LPC

Transformational Chairwork

Gradualism - Scott Kellogg

Marlene Reil Ph.D.

Cynthia Hoffman, MFT

Non 12 Step

Heidi Seifert, LCSW-R, MA

Compass Health Group

Crossroads Recovery Coaching

The Looking Glass Counseling

Pond Psychotherapy

Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling

TORTURE IS NOT THERAPY - Links Exposing Abusive and Harmful Treatments

Help at Any Cost: How the Troubled-Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids

Surviving Straight Inc

Surviving Straight Inc, a Controlling Approach To Addiction Treatment Brings Disastrous Consequences

Buddhist Recovery

Buddhist Recovery

Judith Ragir - White Lotus

Harm Reduction Links (Drug Related)

Harm Reduction Coalition

NASEN - North American Syringe Exchange Network

Know Cannabis

DanceSafe--Drug Testing and Ecstacy Info

United Kingdom Harm Reduction Alliance

Asian Harm Reduction Network

Exchange Supplies - tools for harm reduction

AA Deprogramming Links

Leaving AA

Stinkin' Thinkin' - Muckraking the 12-Step Industry

More Reveald - Ken Ragge's Site

The Orange Papers

The Adventures of Mildew Man

AA Deprogramming

Individual's Pages

Y.E.S - Mary Ellen Barnes, Ph.D

Brian Murphy

Mark and Linda Sobell

Adam Zimbardo, MFT

Linda Scott, MA, CACII, LPC

Stanton Peele

Andrew Tatarsky's Harm Reduction Blog

Other Resources

The Alcoholism Guide

See Sharp Press

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Seniors and Alcohol

Psych Central

Sinclair Method

The Media Awareness Project

About.com: Alcoholism

Dual Diagnosis Website

Faces and Voices of Recovery

Canadian Cannabis Coalition

Empirically based guidelines for moderate drinking--Sanchez-Craig

Controversies In The Addictions Field--Engs

BS Mechanic's Blog

Alcohol Problems and Solutions

Alcohol Answers - Evidence-based Treatment & Support

Brad 21

The Drinkers Check-up

A Crackhead In Erie

Sunshine Coast Health Center

Addiction Science Network

Calm Clinic for Anxiety Sufferers

Bsmechanic's Blog

Lifestyle Changes

Recovery Help Now Blog

Accept & Adapt

Christians Against Prohibition

GRASP - Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing

The Clean Slate


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