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Parallels Between the 12 Steps and Communist Chinese Thought Reform
Addiction Treatment and the Criminal Justice System
Seven Countries that Overcame a Major Overdose Crisis 2/23/17
The Polydrug Poisoning Epidemic: drug mixing and opioid overdose PPT PDF
2015 Drink Counting Challenge! #Trackin' My Booze Away
HAMS at the 10th National Harm Reduction Conference - Baltimore 2014
HAMS In The Fix
How Neuroscience Predicts The Spontaneous Remission Of Addiction
HAMS on Life, Love and Health with Christopher Springman
HAMS at the 9th National Harm Reduction Conference
Moderate Drinking, Harm Reduction, and Abstinence Outcomes PDF Aug 1, 2012
When You Have Trouble Sticking To Your Plan
Choosing a Goal: Safer Drinking, Reduced Drinking, Or Quitting Altogether PDF March 7, 2012
HAMS at The ASAP 13th Annual Conference
The Alcohol-Free HAMS Email Group - for People Who Quit Drinking via Harm Reduction
Alcohol and Dopamine PDF Feb 2, 2012
The Hijacked Brain Theory Is Wrong PDF Nov 17, 2011
Patt Denning's Practicing Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (2nd edition) Flyer
Urge Management Aug 13, 2011
Ten Tips to Change Your Drinking Habits
HAMS Media Room
Media Kit for the HAMS Book
Niacin Therapy for Alcoholism
LSD Therapy for Alcoholism
Ibogaine Therapy for Addiction and Alcoholsim
HAMS at the 8th National Harm Reduction Conference
Evaluating My Progress Towards Harm Reduction PDF
The HARM LESS Al-Anon Alternative Blog
HARM LESS - an Al Anon Alternative on Facebook
Addiction Treatments That Work - Internet Radio
Addiction Treatments That Work | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Drink Refusal Strategies
Marijuana Maintenance for Quitting Drinking
Addiction, Route of Administration, and Rate of Administration
Alcoholism and Harm Reduction
Twelve Things That Alcoholics Anonymous Doesn't Want You to Know
The Most Common Result of Alcoholism or Addiction
Spontaneous Remission from Addictive Disease Is Not Spontaneous
Harm Reduction: Keeping Them Alive for the Miracle
HAMS Financial Supporters
HAMS Harm Reduction (harm_reduction) on Twitter
HAMS Releases a Revolutionary New Alcohol Self-Help Book
How To Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol
Marijuana Maintenance: Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence (Video)
Safe Drinking for College Students (Video)
Tobacco Harm Reduction Part 3: Electronic Cigarettes June 6, 2010
Students for Safe Drinking | Facebook
Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence | Facebook
Harm Reduction For Alcohol | Facebook
Tobacco Harm Reduction Part 2: Can Cigars And Pipes Be A Form Of Tobacco Harm Reduction?
HAMS Member Book Reviews
Tobacco Harm Reduction Part 1: All smokeless tobacco is not created equal
HAMS Support Groups
Relaxing Without Alcohol
Articles of Interest to Alcohol Harm Reductionists
Worksheets from the HAMS book
My Drinking Plan Worksheet
Sample Drinking Plan Worksheet
My Drinking Goal Worksheet
Sample Drinking Goal Worksheet
My Risk Ranking Worksheet
Sample Risk Ranking Worksheet
Myths and Facts about Alcohol and Brain Damage November 26, 2009
Antihistamine OTC Sleep Aids November 21, 2009
New Approach to Alcohol Problems Launched by the HAMS Harm Reduction Network
HAMS Live Meeting Handout (PDF) November 12, 2009
What Is Moderate Drinking and What Is Risk-Free Drinking? November 11, 2009
How to Reduce Your Drinking
How to Change Your Drinking
Safe Drinking November 4, 2009
Are you different? October 30, 2009
When AA Fails October 27, 2009
The Contradiction Of Will Power October 25, 2009
Using AVRT to Help You Achieve Alcohol Free Days October 24, 2009
Responsible Drinking and Responsible Alcohol Policy October 22, 2009
Reduce Drinking October 21, 2009
How Long Does It Take To Change A Habit? October 20, 2009
How To Prevent Alcoholic Blackouts October 20, 2009
What To Do If Your Spouse Won't Change His Drinking October 18, 2009
Do You Need A "Higher Power" To Change Your Drinking? October 18, 2009
Alcohol, Individual, and Environment October 17, 2009
Controlled Drinking October 16, 2009
How To Be Supportive Of A Spouse Who Is Practicing Harm Reduction October 12, 2009
Reduced Drinking October 12, 2009
Heavy Drinking October 12, 2009
The Truth About Cross-Addiction And Cross-Tolerance October 7, 2009
Getting Started With HAMS September 25, 2009
HAMS at Harlem Hospital
Milk Thistle, Alcohol, and the Liver September 23, 2009
Gender, Mortality, and Heavy Drinking September 22, 2009
How the Meaning of the Word "Alcoholism" Has Changed September 3, 2009
DSM-IV-TR Criteria for Alcohol Withdrawal September 3, 2009
DSM-IV-TR Criteria for Alcohol Intoxication September 3, 2009
DSM-IV-TR Criteria for Alcohol Dependence September 3, 2009
DSM-IV-TR Criteria for Alcohol Abuse September 3, 2009
DSM-IV-TR Alcohol Related Disorders September 3, 2009
How Effective Is AA and 12 Step Treatment? Sept 1, 2009
Comments On AA'S Triennial Surveys August 27, 2009
Valerian And Hops For Insomnia August 22, 2009
Alcohol Harm Reduction Exercises (PDF)
Do You Have To Quit Drinking for Antidepressants To Work? August 14, 2009
What is the DSM? August 14, 2009
What Is Melatonin? August 13, 2009
My Alcohol Abstinence Day August 10, 2009
What Is Acetaldehyde? August 5, 2009
What Is Wet Brain? August 5, 2009
What Is Campral? August 5, 2009
What Is Naltrexone? August 4, 2009
Glutamine Reduces Alcohol Consumption and Cravings August 3, 2009
Should You Tell Your Doctor About An Alcohol Problem? July 30, 2009
What Is Topamax? July 30, 2009
Hangover Cures - Fact and Fancy July 29, 2009
To The Health Care Professional July 20, 2009
Finding a Good Therapist July 14, 2009
How HAMS Works July 9, 2009
Drink Charting July 8, 2009
CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis July 8, 2009
The Alcohol Harm Reduction Toolbox July 5, 2009
Alcohol Harm Reduction Therapist Finder July 3, 2009
What Causes Hangover? July 3, 2009
Living in the Present: Anxiety, Depression and CBT June 30, 2009
Can You Prevent a Hangover? June 27, 2009
Epictetus - Enchiridion or Handbook June 26, 2009
What Is Antabuse? June 26, 2009
More on Dual Diagnosis June 25, 2009
The Harm of Labeling: Why We Say That You Are Not an Alcoholic June 25, 2009
Lowering the Bar for Alcoholism June 25, 2009
Antisocial Personality Disorder and Alcohol June 25, 2009
The Ten Forms of Twisted Thinking June 24, 2009
Hitting Bottom Is Not Necessary June 24, 2009
The Geographical Cure Can Work June 23, 2009
Alcohol and Life Problems June 21, 2009
The Prevalence of Co-Occurring Issues (Dual Diagnosis) June 19, 2009
Drinking and Depression June 19, 2009
Kudzu Root Reduces Alcohol Intake June 19, 2009
Alcohol and Mental Health: A Harm Reduction Approach to Dual Diagnosis June 17, 2009
What Is Alcohol Withdrawal? June 16, 2009
How Alcohol Is Metabolized in the Human Body June 15, 2009
Carbs, Sugar, and Alcohol Content of Various Alcoholic Drinks June 12, 2009
Marijuana Maintenance - Cannabis Substitution for Alcohol Dependence June 11, 2009
What Is Reverse Tolerance? June 7, 2009
What Is Alcohol Tolerance? June 5, 2009
How To Prevent Alcohol Withdrawal June 4, 2009
The Odds Of Going Through Alcohol Withdrawal June 4, 2009
Could SSRIs Lead To Increased Alcohol Consumption In Some Populations? May 13, 2009
Naltrexone and the Sinclair method of pharmacological extinction Apr 16, 2009
The Efficacy of Antabuse, Campral, and Naltrexone in Treating Alcohol Use Disorders with Special Attention to the Sinclair Method and Medication Management Apr 15, 2009
The HAMS Book--a Work in Progress
HAMS Testimonials
HAMS Tax filing 2007-08
College Binge Drinking and Harm Reduction Dec 18, 2008
Videos of Interest to Hamsters Dec 5, 2008
HAMS at the 7th National Harm Reduction Conference November 19, 2008
How To Taper Off Alcohol July 20, 2008
The Alcohol Harm Reduction Pyramid July 1, 2008
Harm Elimination Contrasted With Harm Reduction Feb 26, 2008
Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous Feb 26, 2008
Myths From The Drug And Alcoholism Treatment Industry Feb 21, 2008
The College Student's Guide To Safe Drinking Feb 20, 2008
Moderate Drinking Cheat Sheet Feb 17, 2008
Alcohol Abstinence Cheat Sheet Feb 17, 2008
Alcohol Harm Reduction Cheat Sheet Feb 17, 2008
HAMS Moderate Drinking Limits Feb 17, 2008
Injection Drug User Groups Feb 17, 2008
The Standard Drink Feb 17, 2008
Medications for Abstinence or Moderate Drinking Feb 17, 2008

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Alcohol Harm Reduction Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Others
Alcohol's Effects in the Brain
What We Can Learn From The Audrey Kishline Tragedy - The Case For Harm Reduction
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