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If you want to reduce your drinking The HAMS Harm Reduction Network can help. HAMS does not require that you reduce your drinking to meet some arbitrary moderate drinking limit or else call you a failure. Rather HAMS realizes that every reduction in problematic drinking levels is a success. HAMS does not condemn recreational intoxication in and of itself. Rather HAMS recognizes that recreational intoxication can be harmless if one uses safe drinking strategies and plans so that drinking does not interfere with other aspects of your life.

HAMS offers support groups for people who want to reduce their drinking via our facebook group, online chat, a forum, and live meetings. HAMS also offers information about reducing drinking on our web page Reduced Drinking, as well as information about safely Tapering Off Alcohol if you think that you might experience significant Withdrawal Symptoms when you quit.

HAMS supports every positive change. HAMS recognizes that any reduction in problematic drinking behaviors is an improvement. So if you are ready to cut back on your alcohol use, The HAMS Harm Reduction Network may be the right place for you!

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